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Hello, thank you for stopping by! I am excited to share my experiences and expertise to help support your inner journey.

Stories of the human condition, stories we tell ourselves, stories that culture tells us, and stories that need repair are the reason I came to this work ~ I love exploring our experience as humans and sharing these stories.

rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion.” 

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My Approach

You are an individual with a unique story. Perhaps you’re a parent who wants to expand what it means to raise a child, maybe you’re processing trauma and working on re-parenting yourself, or you’re exploring questions of gender and sexuality. I come to this work because of stories. Stories of the human condition, stories we tell ourselves, the story that culture tells us, and stories that need repair. Sometimes we need help understanding, processing, or reimagining our stories.

I work from a lens of motherhood, queerness, creativity and work from multiple theoretical frames including Depth Psychology, Internal Family Systems, and Attachment Theory. What this means to me is asking ourselves how early relationships were formed and shaped and how that affects how we currently relate to ourselves and those around us. I also have a history with leaving a High Demand Religion and understand the deep implications that come with this transition. 

Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to feel empowered by the story of your past, to rewrite the story of your future, to be the author of your own life.

Areas of Interest

  • Women
  • Relationships
  • Parents & Co-Parenting
  • Polyamory
  • Gender Identity
  • Religious Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety & Stress

About Me

Brittany Ras

I grew up at the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Utah.

The road to becoming a therapist was an interesting and long journey; one that began with my love of books and stories. Books have been my most constant companion and greatest teacher. Through novels, I was able to expand my worldview, gain understanding and empathy, and hear the stories of the oppressed. 

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in English Lit and Writing from Marylhurst University in Oregon. I began the degree in preparation to become a high school English teacher- a long dream of mine. By the end of my degree that dream was no longer alive for me. This left me feeling adrift and lost as to where my career life would go. It was, when speaking with my own therapist at the time, that the idea of becoming a therapist opened up for me. It is the human stories and the human experience that you love, she told me. And it is true. 

While still living in Oregon I traveled down monthly to California to obtain my Master’s degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute. It gave me both a love for Depth Psychology and the sunshine of California. 

I bring to this work life experience, a desire to identify the patterns and beliefs inherent in our stories, and a deep care for my fellow beings.

What’s Your Story?

Have questions? Email me to schedule a free consultation call.

Brittany Rasmussen, AMFT #131168
Los Angeles, CA
(626) 263-0242
Supervised by Anais Plasketes, LMFT #100410